Interview : Julie Rongé X MKT Studio

Publié le : 10/04/2018 11:10:43
Catégories : ICONS

Hi Julie, can you introduce yourself?

Hi guys! I’m Julie Rongé, 23 years young and living in Mechelen, Belgium. I’m currently in my last year of studying HR & Sales at Kdg in Antwerp. Passionate about fashion, photography and modeling I spend a lot of time on my instagram account (@julieronge). 

What is your relationship to Instagram?

Well, to be honest, it’s kind of love & hate. I LOVE making content, sharing what I do and love, receiving comments and questions. But of course I think it’s sad to see how many bloggers and influencers put so much effort and hard work in their content, captions and pictures and Instagram not showing it due to the new algorithm. But the most important thing is to share what you love, love what you do. Be real in a world of make believe!                                          

How would you define your style?

I’m the type of girl that goes to school with a boyfriend jeans, a chunky knit with a leather jacket on top but also with a dress and biker boots. Or a fancy dress and heels for diner. When working and going to class my clothes are definitely comfy and casual but not boring.

What are the icons that inspire you?  

I love Blake Lively! I adore her style, her natural. She’s just gorgeous.

What music are you listening?  

My music depends on the mood I’m in! I like good old 90’s R&B but am also a fan of deep house.

For shopping, are you more shops or web?

I think that goes a bit equal for me. But when ordering online I tend to return more. The type of  fabric is always very important to me. I have to “feel” it.  

For FW18.19, what sort of coat do you like?

Definitely a teddy or checkered coat! Teddy is very comfy and cute whilst the checkered can be casual and chic (and still comfy)! And of course, leather jackets.. They are my all time favorite. I can never have enough. Oh and faux fur! (I may have a thing with coats...)                             

What is your MKT Studio crush coat for winter ?

Crushed on the MARILI in blue/grey and the MAGUETI in Pink! 

Thank you for having me and reading this! Your support is the best thing ever. X