Why is our brand called MKT Studio?

Publié le : 10/10/2017 12:58:38
Catégories : NEWS

Why is our brand called MKT Studio? What do those 3 letters M, K , T stand for? Today we’ll reveal our big secret.

We are a Parisian creative studio, filled with passionate people. We are fund of fashion of course but also tend to be obsessed with both graphic arts, and music. Rock, pop icons, inspire our collections: our goddesses?

Patti Smith, Lou Doillon, Francvoise Hardy, Jane Birkin…

Those emblematic figures play with bohemian looks assuming the rock’n’roll that lies in every woman. This “je ne sais quoi” that consumes us pushing us to create the MKT basics.

But the little extra we are so mad about it’s the lavallière attached to their shirts, this detail that make them both look wise and sexy. Loving the paradoxe uh? The lavallière or the feminine tie as we call it, this is what gives women this boyish look.

Once quiet with her tie knotted tightly, once bold wearing it untangled. 

This lavallière we are so fund of, you can find it in a large selection of our collection, because this is who we are.