The textile industry is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world. Ignoring this reality would be to close our eyes to the Earth that we will leave to our children. Becoming aware is already reinventing tomorrow's wardrobe.


MKT STUDIO is above all a love of clothing but also a willingness to commit itself by imagining lines that are more respectful of nature and men. The desire to make our collections evolve in a more responsible way by being part of an ethical approach and which thus joins the will of a whole team.

Time for Action

Recycled materials, organic cotton, banned plastic packaging, developing upcycling, favouring natural materials, it was essential for us to work on our collections with Love and Respect for the Environment without ever forgetting to have fun! Even if we still have a lot of work to do, the desire & the will are there to make things change season after season.


Increasingly, our collections are moving towards a more responsible approach with the use of natural materials and recycled fibres. By eco-responsible materials we mean materials with a lower environmental impact.

In a few words...

Recycled fibres means reducing, reusing, recycling. Recycled materials consume less water, energy and natural resources. Natural materials means preserving water, forests and biodiversity. Sustainable processes that help us take care of natural resources at source.

There is no plan B for the planet...